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      Sous vide medallions of veal tenderloin
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Sous vide medallions of veal tenderloin

Serve   1



200g Veal tenderloin
2 slices Proscuitto crudo
1 piece Potato (diced into 1cm squares)
20g Smoked spec
50g Butter
3 pieces Prawns (cooked and cut into quarters)
Golden shallots (roasted in skins till soft, peeled and roughly chopped)
2 gloves Garlics (sliced)
10ml Cream (lightly whipped with 45% butter)
20ml Creme fraiche
20g Wom boc or cabbage
1 pine Mushroom
1 piece King brown mushroom
50ml Port veal jus
10ml Port
1 spoon Parsley (chopped)
1 spoon Thyme (chopped)
to your taste, Pepper cress


to your taste, Pepper cress



  • Take 2 slices of proscuitto and lay slightly overlapping on cling wrap
  • Place the 200 g of veal tenderloin in the centre of proscuitto and roll around 6 times ensuring it is completely covered
  • In Horizons we cryovac the meat and cook in water at 58 degrees for 2 hours. This will then be sous vide (poached) andl keep the veal at a perfect medium rare. You can do this at home by cling wrapping the veal very tightly and cook in a large pot of water at 58 degrees. Check the water temperature every few minutes to make sure it’s at the correct temperature
  • Secondly, take the diced potato for the colcannon. I choose to leave the skin on for the desiree potato but feel free to peel it if you prefer
  • Place potato, butter, garlic, thyme and roughly chopped spec in a baking tray and add seasoning, bake for 45 minutes
  • Meanwhile slice finely the wom boc or cabbage and saute with 20 g of butter and seasoning. Mix through with the cooked potato and then add cooked prawns. Reserve potato colcannon in a warm place.
  • For the wild mushroom sauce, place the remaining of the butter in a hot pan and add sliced mushrooms. Turn the heat down and cook for one minute, add port and reduce by half then add jus and reduce by half again. Finish with 1t ablespoon of cream fraiche
  • With the other half of the cream fraiche, fold with whipped cream.


  • Place colcannon on the base of plate
  • Unwrap veal and slice 4 or 5 times and place on colcannon
  • Pour mushroom sauce around outside of the veal
  • Top with cream fraiche and garnish with pepper cress


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